Donald Trump should apologize for remarks: African UN states

Saturday, 13 Jan, 2018

He continued, "President Donald Trump's words describing the glorious people of Africa, El Salvador and Haiti is far worse than mere insensitivity or even nationalism".

Others who attended the meeting have said that Trump questioned why the USA would accept immigrants from "shithole countries" like Haiti or those in Africa instead of places like Norway, whose prime minister he had met the day before.

The comments reportedly came as the Republican and Democratic senators were briefing the president on changes to the USA visa lottery system and considerations about immigration from Africa.

Botswana's government on Friday summoned the U.S. ambassador to complain about remarks reportedly made by President Donald Trump, describing African nations as "s***hole countries".

Trump's remark stunned Haitians at home and overseas.

"If confirmed, these are shocking and shameful comments from the president of the United States".

Trump has since denied using such vulgar language, tweeting that 'the language used by me at the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used.

President Trump was evaluated by the White House physician and his exam was released to the press on Friday. Durbin called the moment, "heartbreaking". To no surprise, the president started tweeting this morning, denying that he used those words.

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) did not say that the President used the language Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has accused him of.

Mr Trump has hit back at the allegations, saying that he is a "stable genius" in a series of tweets responding to the book.

In Haiti, on the eighth anniversary of a devastating natural disaster that killed about 220,000 people, the government also summoned the top U.S. diplomat for an explanation, while the Haitian ambassador to Washington called for an apology.

"It does not protect American workers or our national interest". But then, the president denigrated immigrants from Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador and shot down a bipartisan immigration agreement made in the Senate.

"Get on a plane right now and go to this country, that attractive country, handsome people, the most wonderful people, lovely beaches", Jeune said.

Saati, a member of the Republican Party, received Trump during his campaign visit to South Florida.

Since taking office a year ago, Trump has pursued controversial policies aimed at curbing immigration into the United States as part of a hard-line "America First" agenda. Pugh called upon all elected leaders, regardless of party, to condemn the president's comments. "I've never seen a statement like this by African countries directed at the United States".

The body has since issued a statement calling for the USA leader to apologise for the remarks. But more than anything else for those not bothered by a long trail of hateful, despicable comments by Donald Trump is the simple fact, we once again, are witnessing another episode of the Trump administration and President Donald Trump, lying.