Here's How Some Places Trump Called "Shitholes" Are Reacting To His Comments

Saturday, 13 Jan, 2018

JOHANNESBURG - Africans were shocked on Friday to find President Trump had finally taken an interest in their continent.

He did not answer and instead headed for the door.

Well, first, we hope, if the statements were made by the president of the United States, we would prefer to think he was ill-informed, misinformed about Haitians, the community of - the country of Haiti, because what we're talking about here is a country, a neighbor of the United States with a very long history with the people here.

If it were a one-time comment, an inadvertent insensitivity, it would still have stirred a firestorm. "And he said them repeatedly", Durbin told reporters Friday. "Do we need more Haitians?'"

"Is the president racist? That is all I have to say", Kenyan entrepreneur Wangui Muraguri said.

Florida GOP Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said Trump's comments were "completely unacceptable", telling WPLG-TV in Miami that "if that's not racism, I don't know how you can define it". "It's obviously all about race, and to their credit, liberals point out the obvious", he said.

Trump took particular issue with the characterization of his comments on Haiti.

"And then (Trump) went on, when we started to describe the immigration from Africa that was being protected in this bipartisan measure, that's when he used these vile and vulgar comments, calling the nations they come from shitholes", Durbin said. Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease after leaving the White House.

"The president is in excellent health and I look forward to briefing some of the details on Tuesday", Jackson said in a brief statement distributed by the White House. "Any suggestion otherwise is simply insulting and belies all the results he's delivered for minorities throughout this country". They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime.

Trump's aides and allies expressed frustration that his comments were being interpreted through a racial prism. Republican Senator Lindsay Graham of SC, also present at the gathering, said he confronted the president over his racy comments. As a young real estate businessman working with his father, Trump and the family firm were sued by the Justice Department in 1973 for discriminating against black applicants for rental apartments. As late as 2016, he insisted that they were still guilty and that their settlement was "outrageous". "This is how Trump relates to people".

The state's top nation as a source of immigration is India.

Since taking office, he has continued to provoke racially charged conflicts. He also claimed there were "very fine people on both sides" after violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, left one counter-protester dead. "I have not read one of them that's inaccurate".

And people are still surprised that Trump is not changing his course.

Among others, United Nations spokesperson Rupert Coleville said Trump's reported word choice to refer to nations of non-white people is unequivocally "racist".

"These statements, full of hatred and contempt, produce indignation in the Cuban people, proud of the contribution given throughout its history by nationals and their descendants from different latitudes, particularly Africans and Haitians, to the forging of our nationality", said the Ministry in an official statement.