Judge blocks Trump's decision to end DACA, White House calls it 'outrageous'

Saturday, 13 Jan, 2018

It's like the movie "Mean Girls", except it's in the White House.

Fears of an exodus tally with the accounts of low morale and the administration's struggle to fill White House positions in Michael Wolff's tell-all book about Trump's first year, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

Ultimately, the measure passed handily.

Kelly has reportedly taken the brunt of the responsibility for staffing since he was named chief of staff last summer, CNN said. It gave a victory to California and other plaintiffs who had been trying to prevent Trump from ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program while their lawsuits moved through court, the Associated Press said. Asked about the president's conflicting tweets, Ryan said Trump has always been in support of foreign surveillance.

The headline was punctuated by a direct-to-camera appeal by the conservative judge Andrew Napolitano against re-upping the surveillance program. Well before the 2016 presidential election, Democrats and "Never Trump" Republicans said then-candidate Donald Trump was a racist, xenophobic know-nothing and a liar. "But it's got to be based on suspicion, and not an area code".

Trump has publicly aired frustrations about McGahn and McMaster, but CNN says McGahn has compelling legal reasons to stay on as he is a potential witness in Federal Bureau of Investigation special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe.

Acosta noted that Trump began the day by tweeting a quote from a Fox News segment that conflicted with the administration's view on FISA warrants, which necessitated the president sending out a subsequent tweet clarifying his actual position. A Central Intelligence Agency spokesman declined to comment. "This vote is about foreign surveillance of foreign bad guys on foreign land", he tweeted.

"In these words that he told these bipartisan members of Congress, senators and House members earlier today, they were meeting on immigration, 'Why are we having all of these people from - uh, um, you get the point". Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who has also made the television rounds in recent days, has pushed for less invasive spying measures.

"And I noticed Wolf, you hesitated to use that word, I hesitate to use it myself, as an s-hole or sh*thole is the word that the Washington Post is quoting the president saying", Acosta said.

"No president should have this power", Neema Singh Guliani, a policy counsel with the ACLU, said in a statement.