London Family Could Derail New £1 Billion Stamford Bridge

Saturday, 13 Jan, 2018

Roman Abramovich's plans for a new £1billion stadium for Chelsea could be derailed by the objections of just one family and their "right to light".

For more than 20 years, Nicolas, 69, and Lucinda Crosthwaite, 58, have lived, along with their children Louis, 23, and Rose, 25, in a Fulham house next to the Premier League team's grounds.

However, despite its close proximity, Stamford Bridge sits in the neighbouring Hammersmith and Fulham borough, whose council could effectively sidestep the injunction after the stadium was signed off on by both its planning officers and the Mayor of London past year.

Although the club has agreed to compensate most of the 50 neighbouring homes that will suffer as a result of the redesign, they have reached a stalemate with the Crosthwaites.

The club have been agreeing deals with locals over their "right to light" which, under English law, gives a landowner the right to receive sunlight through defined openings or gaps in buildings on his or her land.

Chelsea have told the council they will be unable to start development work or secure financing while there remains a risk that the injunction proceedings could succeed.

Hammersmith and Fulham councillors will discuss the row on Monday.

TOTTENHAM have released some fresh images from the building of their new stadium.

Chelsea's offer of legal advice worth £50,000, and further compensation understood to be in the region of a six-figure sum could not persuade them to waive their "right to light" in their home.

Despite, the tremendous 97.5% of support coming from 13,000 local residents as well as the Major of London Sadiq Khan's approval, the Blues face a hurdle in their bid to build the most expensive European stadium.