Spoiler: Double Champion Crowned At Tonight's Impact Wrestling Tapings

Saturday, 13 Jan, 2018

Hania is just a puppy dog. A year ago he made the biggest mistake of his life. She ends up rejecting him.

- Kongo Kong w/Jimmy Jacobs are out. His hand was forced to destroy Chandler and their law offices. Grandma Jenny Park comes out. Park says that Abyss is never coming back.

The following is what appears to be an episode of Impact called Crossroads.

- LAX over Cult of Lee.

Tonight in Orlando, FL the man who invented Option C, the man who always finds himself with options, the man who people have been wondering where he would show up next, former 6x X-Division Champion and former World Champion Austin Aries returned to IMPACT!

As of this writing, Aries is also fairly prolific in the United Kingdom scene as well, holding the top titles in both Defiant and IPW, respectively.

Meanwhile, Allie beat Laurel Van Ness to win the Knockouts Championship, marking her second run with the title.

- Tag match is announced but starts as OVE v Lashley. Brian Cage comes out and becomes Lashley's partner. Cage/Lashley over OVE. Lashley extends hand to Cage, he nods and walks off. Joseph Park out to confront Kong. Sydal won the Grand Championship back at the November tapings (his title win will air on next week's Impact). Alberto El Patron came out after the match and claps, signaling he may be next to challenge.