Supermodel Kendall Jenner talks about her 'debilitating' anxiety battle

Sunday, 14 Jan, 2018

In an interview with Cara Delevingne in Harper's Bazaar, Jenner slammed the idea that she had an "easier" path to success because of her already-established fame.

Kendall Jenner has left very little to the imagination in her sexy new magazine shoot - opting to pose nude, only covering her modesty with a see-through raincoat.

So, while her wish of sending Cupid around the world to spread love might not come true, she certainly has some money to spare that could help.

For the cover shoot, she rocked a red patent leather dress from Calvin Klein and diamond-encrusted hoop earrings for a close-up snap.

"Everything is so disgusting, it's hard to name one thing", she said when asked what keeps her up at night. The insider also said that Jenner's anxiety was leading her to have no appetite.

Jenner announced in December that she would no longer be updating her app because she needs a break from social media.

'There wasn't a step taken out just because I had social media.

She then went on and got into more detail about what she meant by the chaos in the world that affects her: 'Where do I even start?

Despite being a huge sensation on social media, Kendall insists sites such as Instagram haven't made her career any easier and she has to work just as hard as anyone else. Do not cut, copy or lift any content from this website without our consent.

"For 11th and 12th, I did homeschool, but I still saw a lot of my old friends".

Victoria's Secret lingerie model Kendall Jenner looks sensation on and off the runway in these pictures.

"The obvious answer is college, I guess, but I don't even know if I regret that".

"We don't work any less hard than the '90s models did when they were young", Jenner said.

Opening up about her mental health battle, she told Harper's Bazaar, "I have such debilitating anxiety because of everything going on that I literally wake up in the middle of the night with full-on panic attacks".

She added: "I feel like the life I live is extraordinary in a lot of ways but that it also comes with a lot of responsibilities". She would love to go to a public beach without being mobbed, or spend the day at Disneyland unnoticed.

"To go to a beach in peace would be lovely".