Anti-Trump protest in Swiss capital ahead of Davos visit

Sunday, 14 Jan, 2018

President Donald Trump is planning to bring a big delegation with him to the small Swiss ski town of Davos in two weeks, including at least six Cabinet secretaries and some of the White House's senior staff, according to two people involved in the administration's plans.

The Trump administration announced this week that Trump and a delegation of USA officials would attend the annual World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort town of Davos later this month.

Treasury Secretary believes a forum in Switzerland that will feature wealthy business executives, world leaders and lawmakers discussing shared solutions to economic and social problems is not a "hangout for globalists".

On its website, RJG said that "despite a strong police presence and significant provocations from civilian police, the protest was organised successfully".

A petition headlined "Trump not welcome - stay out of Davos" started by another group, Campax, had gathered more than 12,880 signatures by Saturday.

The strikingly unpopular U.S. leader's attendance may see a resurgence of the same violence that swept anti-WEF protests in the early 2000s according to reports, while an online petition is rapidly gaining support to encourage the unpopular Trump to stay home, cited by Reuters.

Another protest against Trump's arrival at Davos, the timing of which remains unclear, is planned for the evening of Jan 23 in Zurich.