Capital One apologizes after customers report widespread double charges

Sunday, 14 Jan, 2018

Technical issues are causing some debit card transactions to post a couple of times for certain customers, leaving some with overdrawn accounts.

The glitch resulted in some Capital One debit card purchases to be posted twice to customer accounts. Customers affected by the issue do not need to report the charges, the bank said. Some customers claimed on Twitter that the issue was so severe that it left their accounts overdrawn.

Attention Capital One users: You may want to check your balance.

The bank urged customers to check their online app for updates.

In some cases, the same charge is being deducted up to three times.

Debit card bank transactions have us seeing double today.

Some customers reported missing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from their accounts.

Many customers posted on social media saying that the mistake caused their accounts to go into a negative balance, leaving them unable to access their money.

"All hands are on deck working on a fix", read the company's tweet, which added "customers won't be responsible for any fees due to this issue".