LG's new smart kitchen appliances make it easier to cook and clean

Sunday, 14 Jan, 2018

But this year at CES 2018, those two ideas are finally merging into one with LG's new InstaView ThinQ smart refrigerator, which features a 29-inch touchscreen that users can turn transparent to look inside by knocking on it twice.

The headliner is the InstaView ThinQ refrigerator.

LG InstaView ThinQ is the culmination of cutting-edge refrigeration technology and maximum convenience and efficiency.

For instance, LG notes that the refrigerator can recommend recipes based on what you have in your fridge, then send the info to the connected oven with Alexa reciting the recipe out loud.

A year ago at CES 2017, LG introduced us to a smart refrigerator with built-in Alexa voice controls and a WebOS touchscreen that turns translucent when you knock on it. There's also a wide angle panoramic camera on the inside of the fridge that will let you remotely view your fridge while you're out and about to check and see if you're actually out of milk or not. The LG EasyClean oven connected to the appropriate app can access recipe information wirelessly and automatically begin preheating at a specific temperature at a set time. The oven can also send a notification to your smartphone when it requires cleaning.

Even the LG QuadWash dishwasher can get in on the ThinQ action, by setting the ideal wash pattern based on the food cooked in the smart oven. The multi-motion spray arms promise to clean all dishes of different sizes and shapes.

The InstaView ThinQ is powered by LG's webOS and is deeply integrated with Amazon's Alexa, the backbone that links the fridge with the equally smart oven and dishwasher of the line. "By streamlining food preparation and cleanup from start to finish, LG's use of artificial intelligence in the kitchen enhances quality of life by offering innovative solutions to everyday struggles in the kitchen", LG said in a press release.

In ushering in the smart appliances, it's quite obvious that LG is gunning for consumers to go exclusive on the company's kitchen ecosystem.