Trump Simply Made Immigration Deal More durable to Attain: Evaluation

Sunday, 14 Jan, 2018

"Mr. President you need to be clear though, I think what Senator Feinstein is asking here, when we talk about DACA, we don't want to be back here two years later, you have to have security", said McCarthy. No. People with the requisite work or educational background in other countries apply to US consulates for the lottery and, if drawn, go through the usual vetting process for any immigrant.

On the day that Donald Trump ended Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), he called on Congress to pass a legislative replacement for the Executive-branch program - one that would protect its 700,000 (former) beneficiaries from deportation.

President Donald Trump blamed Democrats for stalled immigration negotiations amid backlash over vulgar comments he made in the Oval Office while meeting with lawmakers this week. He said opponents of his policies "almost always" win in the federal court district where that judge serves. "The urgency of getting the DREAM Act passed is extreme at this point", said Gregory Chen, director of government relations for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. "The iron is hot". What we seem destined to see instead is the art of no deal.

But large majorities of Americans, including Democrats and Republicans, want Dreamers to stay. Federal agencies will shut down unless lawmakers pass a bill financing them by January 19, and legislators are also trying to reach agreement on a budget deal financing government for the rest of this year.

Republicans, however, wanted to decouple those issues, pass their key goal; a clean budget bill, and deal with DACA separately.

Late last week, they ostensibly got their reply: The White House sent the exact same document it had released in October, outlining an immigration "framework" that posited an overhaul of asylum laws, stepped-up interior enforcement, and a broad crackdown on legal immigration on the scale of the Trump-endorsed RAISE Act.

The tweets suggest that Trump is interested in a system that would only accept individuals from certain countries and backgrounds in exchange for a DACA deal - as well as a much more substantial border investment than one year of funding and technology upgrades the lawmakers had presented.

The New York Times recently reported that Trump had said in a separate June meeting on immigration that Haitians "all have AIDS", citing a person who attended the meeting. The program will be operated under the same terms as before the Trump administration rescinded the program on September 5, the agency said.

Chain migration. The bill would prevent people from sponsoring visas for extended family members. "I'll take the heat off of both the Democrats and the Republicans".

Border security. The bill provides funding to build a wall and hire agents at the border. Anyhow, where will we find the estimated $18 billion for the wall, since we just slashed government revenues with the recent tax reform. But they will continue to lobby their legislators as they have over the a year ago. But one conservative foe of giving ground acknowledged the impact of Trump's support.

After eight years of duplicitous policies under President Barack Obama - who, among other things, said he could not delay deportation of illegals, then did it- voters thought the NY businessman meant what he said about those persons who broke the law to come into the U.S.

A bipartisan group of USA senators on Thursday (Jan 11) reached a tentative agreement on legislation to protect young "Dreamer" immigrants from deportation, along with other immigration policy changes, and is attempting to build support for the deal in Congress.

He said if Trump can't support it, "it's hard to see how we could get him to agree to anything that could pass in Congress".

If Trump breaks his "read my lips" policy on illegal immigrants, Republicans can kiss control of Congress in the 2018 mid-term elections and any chance he would have of re-election in 2020 goodbye.