Yashwant Sinha asks BJP leaders and ministers to 'speak up for democracy'

Sunday, 14 Jan, 2018

Former Finance Minister and veteran BJP leader Yashwant Sinha on Saturday threw his weight behind the four senior most judges of the Supreme Court saying that their revolt was not an internal matter of the judiciary, as claimed by his party.

"Mr Sinha, who finds himself at variance with his party's stand and policies, chose to speak on the matter and said it is fear that is stopping people from speaking out". That's an institution of democracy where debates and discussions are supposed to take place. Supreme Court judges are saying the court is not in order.

Addressing a press conference on Saturday at his Noida residence, Sinha said, "BJP leaders are scared at the moment".

The bureaucrat-turned-politician insisted that democracy was under threat if Parliament was compromised and the Supreme Court was not in order.

He said that like the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who is the first among equals in the court, the Prime Minister too is the first among equals in the ministry and that his cabinet colleagues should shed their fear and speak up.

Sinha called the contents of the four judges' letter to the CJI a matter of "grave" concern.

"Indeed, those selective benches must have been appointed to obstruct the judicial process and manipulate the final verdict", he added. Do you understand the meaning of this?

Addressing the media persons, Sinha said, "Regarding the arrangement of appointing selective Benches for some special cases in the Supreme Court, a clarification must be put before the public", adding that those cases should also be revealed.

"There is the judge Loya case".

He demanded a probe into the circumstances that led the judges to take this step and the cases that they alleged were being referred to "selected" benches and judges.

"What the judges are hinting at is loud and clear. They do not either have the opportunity or the courage to express themselves", said Sinha.

Sinha also defended CPI leader D. Raja's visit to Justice Jasti Chelameswar's house.

"It is the duty of political parties of the country and of anyone who is concerned to take note of such an event. We shall be failing in our national duty of we don't react", said Sinha.