The most popular Street Fighter character is… Sakura?

Tuesday, 16 Jan, 2018

Thankfully, you don't have to be connected to the Internet to experience the bulk of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.

The fundamental fighting of Street Fighter 5 has been strong since it came out in 2016, but everything around it felt like the skeleton of a great fighting game. Will you pick this game back up?

Thanks to the fine folks at the Street Fighter subreddit, you can see when the servers should be back up in real-time right here.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is released today on PlayStation 4 and PC and includes all the DLC characters from seasons 1 and 2, as well as two new gameplay modes (including Arcade mode), a new V-Trigger move for each character, and a new interface.

A few hours after the debut of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on PS4 and PC, a report suggests that Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will have the option to change ID in line with what we can start a new record and leave behind the record of past matches. Later you will have to make an extra expense to continue playing with all the characters. Now, you earn Fight Money each time you level up a character.

So what's in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition? This mode hits all the major Street Fighter releases, starting with the original and going through all five numbered entries in the series plus Street Fighter Alpha. What you'll find here is a trip down memory lane for those that have fond remembrances of 30-year history of the Street Fighter series.

Should you buy Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition?

Completing a path unlocks a cool piece of artwork that sums up what happened to your character in that game. Selecting your character now gives you the option to use multiple V-Triggers.

Regardless, coming back to Street Fighter V it's clear that Capcom is dedicated to supporting this game in terms of continual balancing and adding new features to keep players engaged.

With this large update, we'll be seeing the addition of Sakura to the playable roster.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will also contain all of Season 1 and 2 DLC characters.

We're also given information on both of her V-Triggers, as well as some reasons why players should give her a chance. According to Capcom, if you play through the each Character Story, you'll have 200,000 Fight Money. The third season of the title will bring characters such as Sakura, Blanka, and Sagat. A game that's been out for a couple of years now with nearly all issues having been ironed out since launch, Street Fighter V is one of the best looking and best playing fighting games on PlayStation 4.

Fans can rejoice as Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will finally be available to download and play....later in the day.