A Democrat's approach to tax reform

Wednesday, 17 Jan, 2018

And they celebrated with good reason.

"I think the best thing that can happen for the president, for the country and for everyone is that he be allowed to complete his investigation as thoroughly and as completely as possible and that we allow the facts from that investigation to lead where they may", Rubio said. Some victories are symbolic, but this tax bill will mean that millions more Americans are working with higher wages and greater opportunities for the future.

Among the changes in the bill that will affect large US corporations is a dramatic reduction in the corporate tax rate, to 21% from the current 35%. "On Feb. 1, [Americans] are going to see bigger paychecks", said House Speaker Paul Ryan. The plan also will drive up the deficit by $1.5 trillion, deepening the debt that ultimately will have to be paid by the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those who are getting the "breaks".

Workers in some large companies are already seeing the benefits of the corporate tax cuts as 200,000 domestic AT&T workers will each receive a $1,000 bonus after the bill is signed, the telecom company will also invest an additional billion dollars in US infrastructure.

For hard-working families and entrepreneurs in Central Washington, keeping more of your own paycheck was my goal in supporting historic legislation approved by Congress, The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. But the plan is extremely regressive.

Republicans may have taken home a big win for their party in 2017 by passing their tax overhaul, but it appears the party is set up for more than a few daunting tasks in the year to come.

"Well, let me just say, Mr. President, you made the case for the tax bill", McConnell said.

The United States now ranks 12th worldwide in new business openings.

We wish you a Happy New Year despite the lump of coal the Republicans put in your stocking this Christmas in the form of its Tax "Reform" Bill. "The financial contributions will stop". Both in framing and content, the coverage of the tax cuts has been impressively dishonest. But it's hard to find an economist who would agree with that. But a 2010 study analyzing the impact found that corporations spent the vast majority of the cash on shareholder payouts.

The bill's change to the state and local tax deduction has left some taxpayers - including those in MA where many filers pay more than $10,000 in SALT - scrambling to figure out how to maximize their tax benefits in the final days of 2017, with many rushing to city and town halls to prepay property tax bills.

As stated before, the tax cuts for individuals are only temporary. Forbes informed by 2019 people making $30,000 or less would start seeing an increase in their taxes to more than what they were paying before this bill was passed and by 2020 people making $40,000 would see an increase in their taxes.