Google Arts and Culture selfie feature is now available in India

Monday, 22 Jan, 2018

The feature is available on the Google Arts & Culture app on both Android () and iOS ().

A digital app from Google can point users to "art twins" - a painting or sculpture that could serve as a doppelgänger. But a key feature has only been available in the US - until now.

To use this selfie match feature, first, download the Google Arts and Culture app from Play Store or App Store. As per reports, ever since its first roll-out in the U.S., people have used the feature with over 30 million selfies. While the application tries to find the nearest match, it shows an estimated percentage of visual similarity between the face and the artwork.

Now, thanks to the Google Arts & Culture app, you can find out which masterpiece most closely resembles your one-of-a-kind visage.

According to Google, the Google Arts and Culture app uses pattern recognition to recognise face patterns and understand characteristics of your face.

As soon as the users came to know about this feature, they used it to find out their art doppelgangers. It looks for properties such as beard, glasses, and few other things to select relevant portraits available in its database.

The app, available for and users, has taken the internet by storm since it was released in the US and Canada earlier this month.

Through the new feature, the application connects users to more than 6,000 exhibitions, from more than 1,500 museum partners across 70 countries. Commenting on the Indian release of the selfie feature, a Google spokesperson noted, "Looking at the success in the USA, we are excited to roll this feature to other countries, including India".