Zainab murder case: JIT head submits report in Supreme Court

Monday, 22 Jan, 2018

The joint investigation team (JIT) head Muhammad Idrees submitted report in the court. The post-mortem report revealed that the minor had been raped and murdered.

When the RPO told the court that DNA tests of 800 suspects have been conducted, the bench remarked that the police are pursuing a one-track investigation and must widen the scope of the probe beyond simply using DNA testing to track down the culprits.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar held the hearing of the case at the Lahore registry and admonished the police officers for their failure to arrest the killer of the victim. There have been 12 incidents of rape and murder of children in city of Kasur within two months period while police failed to arrest rapist killer.

A Supreme Court bench on Tuesday expressed its displeasure over the lack of progress by the Punjab government and police on the Zainab case.

"Now the police will launch a search operation and conduct DNA tests of the suspects to catch this beast".

The bench summoned the JIT and other parties in the case to appear in the court chambers for the next hearing.

Seven-year-old Zainab was walking to her aunt's house for a Quran lesson when she disappeared.

According to the regional police officer, Zainab left her house to go to her aunt's house ─ located at a distance of 300 kilometres - for Quran lessons - on Jan 4.

Punjab Additional Inspector General (AIG) Abubakar Khuda Buksh and Advocate General (AG) appeared before the bench during the hearing.

Zainab was abducted on January 04 from Kasur's Kot Road area.

Multiple CCTV videos of the girl being led away by the suspected man have emerged so far.

Zainab's rape and murder shattered the entire nation, triggering widespread public outrage with people from all walks of life demanding an exemplary capital punishment for the perpetrator.

The incident blew the lid on the horrifying reality of how children in a brutalized society are vulnerable to sexual abuse.