Joy Behar Confronts Kirsten Gillibrand About Al Franken on The View

Tuesday, 30 Jan, 2018

"You are a longtime supporter of the Clintons and consider her a mentor".

"It is not right", Gillibrand said. McCain asked the Democratic senator.

"It's not OK to grab women without their consent", Gillibrand continued.

Gillibrand credited the #MeToo movement, which has brought new attention to sexual misconduct and workplace harassment, with her change of heart. Al Franken to resign after being publicly accused of sexual misconduct. "He says he didn't do it, so he's forgiven, ' and Al Franken admitted it and got booted out". The exchange between McCain and Gillibrand starts at about the five minute mark.

Gillibrand cited the "over a dozen" allegations against Trump and maintained he should be held accountable. "I think many of us did not have that same lens, myself included, but today we are having a very different conversation".

Gillibrand called Franken a friend and the situation "heartbreaking".

"It's not about any one president and it's not about any one industry", Gillibrand said. "And if we reduce it to that we are missing the opportunity to allow women to be heard, to allow women to have transparency, to allow women to have justice".

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.) appeared on "The View" Monday where she criticized President Donald Trump's approach to immigration and the use of the "racist slur" "chain migration". Clinton's former campaign manager said the candidate overruled her recommendation to fire Strider, who remained on the campaign and was later fired from a Clinton-aligned super PAC for sexual harassment. "I know that you led the charge to get Al Franken to resign from the Senate".

Behar admitted at the outset that she had a "bone to pick" with Gillibrand for what she said was unfair treatment of Franken, who stepped down as a U.S. Senator from Minnesota on January 2 after serving since July 2009.