Google Assistant Go now listed on Play Store; find out its features

Friday, 02 Feb, 2018

The app is now listed on Google Play Store and it offers support for several worldwide languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, French, Italian and German.

The Google Assistant Go app that is now available on the Play Store is a lightweight version of the Google Assistant which is available on smartphones that run non-Go version of Android. Today, Google has released the lite version of the Google Assistant for Android Go called the Assistant Go. The Google Assistant Go is a part of Google's special lightweight suite of apps which includes Google Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go and Files Go.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Google showed off some new innovations and features that could shape the future of Google Assistant.

Google Assistant isn't exactly super slow on any platform, but here it's significantly smaller than its brethren, and able to work on more devices. The Google Assistant Go app will work on Android devices with 1 gigabyte or less of memory.

Much like the regular Assistant, Assistant Go lets you use your voice to pull up weather information, send text messages, make calls, and even request general information feedback from Google.

The Assistant Go is now limited to some selected language only, including English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai. There will be certain differences for instance, setting reminders, controlling your smart-home, actions on Google, and Device Actions are not supported. Companies such as and are also in the headlines for building their own Android Oreo (Go edition) devices that are likely to come with inferior specifications than the traditional entry-level Android handsets but offer the newest Android experience.

Google Assistant Go only supports English language for now.