Girl Scout Cookie Program promotes female entrepreneurship

Wednesday, 07 Feb, 2018

Both the girl and the store benefited because people wanted the famous Girl Scout Cookies while some customers purchased marijuana cookies from Urban Leaf.

7 girls have joined and their goal is to sell 1,050 boxes to fund their camping and aquarium trip.

"Get some Girl Scout Cookies with your GSC today until 4 p.m.! Bring them with - shopping is more fun with friends anyways", the shop added.

Officials were trying to identify the girl and talk to her family because she was in a commercial area, which is not allowed, council spokeswoman Mary Doyle said in an email Monday.

The Girl Scout Cookie sale will begin on Saturday, Feb. 3 and continue through March 11.

Rakofsky said Urbn Leaf would be "totally open to" allowing Girl Scouts to sell cookies outside their storefronts regularly, if the organization allowed it.

After collecting the donated boxes, GS-NCCP takes them to local military bases including Seymour Johnson Airforce Base, Cherry Point Marine Base and Fort Bragg Army Base to be shipped out to troops overseas. The local San Diego chapter of the Girl Scouts told the site members can sell to the public if a guardian is present.

On the other hand, the Associated Press reports that the San Diego Girl Scout Council will be looking into whether the girl broke any rules.

"My nana and poppa are VA and they work at the VA nursing home and it's just really awesome", said Girl Scout, Joelle.

"When we learn that a girl is in violation of a standard/guideline, we nearly always discover that the parent was unaware of the rules".

She's actually not the first Girl Scout to come up with the idea - in 2014 and 2015, Danielle Lei sold hundreds of boxes outside a San Francisco dispensary, reported The San Francisco Chronicle.