Illinois GOP rips candidate's ad mocking transgender people, feminists

Wednesday, 07 Feb, 2018

He said the "campaign ad does not reflect who we are as the Party of Lincoln and as proud residents of our great and diverse state".

A candidate for governor in IL launched a politically incorrect ad targeting fellow Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner for his arguably progressive policies.

If only Republicans attacked the left for efforts "to stoke political division" the way they do fellow Republicans. Bob Pritchard, R-Hinckley, for his voting record in the statehouse.

She said she would cut the state's 850 school districts in half, first by requiring each district encompass an entire school career, K-12. There was silence. She asked again. One person answered Pritchard, while another said he was not running for re-election. "Thank God. He was all in on that school funding bill. I know I'm in his hometown, I'm wherever".

"We have already had three candidate forums in my race", he said.

And she said she would impose a cap to control spending.

Tonight's City of Chicago edition of Public Affairs features a flashback to State Rep. Jeanne Ives' (R-Wheaton) appearance on our show two months prior to Bruce Rauner's November, 2014 election as IL Governor. He also said he was "disgusted" with Rauner's response.

"I'll be tuning in to hear what the governor has to say in his State of the State address", said Batinick. "Let me tell you the rest of the story".

"The voters of IL would benefit from a debate between Gov. Rauner and state Rep. Ives", Moore said. She said she met with Mason and the Edgar County Watchdogs, a watchdog group from downstate IL, in her Wheaton office. "Representative Ives has associated herself with questionable individuals who really don't represent the views of the people of IL". There is not one lie in that ad. People need to know the truth about Rauner: a spineless liar.

Ives said the Baker issue is an example that higher education in IL is out of control, and that high costs are driving students out of the state. "You're either going to bring your cost for tuition in line with your conference peers, or we're going to bring your state support in line with your conference peers".

But the campaign has defended the ad and refused to take it down.

"The fat cat Exelon guy-that's exactly who you bail out", she continued. I respect people who are different than me. I actually put in a complaint on Planned Parenthood.

Equality Illinois wants state law to eradicate the concept of biological sex, mandating that individuals have the right to choose for themselves whether they are a man, or a woman.

"The campaign stands by the ad", said Morthland. There, she confirmed that businessman Dick Uiehlein had donated $2 million to her campaign - a huge boost to help win the primary.

Yvonne Sencial Bolton, a conservative activist who chairs of the Illinois Republican National Hispanic Assembly - and who is also a legal immigrant from Guatemala - agreed that the ad was effective.

IL government has been the subject of a great deal of ridicule in the past, and many individuals identifying as true conservatives blame Gov. Bruce Rauner for the most recent round of scorn. But on Monday, Ives called it "accurate depiction".

"I'm not anxious about that at all", she said, adding that Republican values aren't up for the highest bidder.