Apple shares HomePod how-to videos covering Siri, touch controls, and more

Monday, 12 Feb, 2018

However there are some who aren't too sure about whether it has trounced the Sonos One, with some saying it's as good, while some say it's slightly better.

Apple's HomePod was released to the Aussie market last Friday and if you've treated yourself to the $499 smart speaker and need some pointers, Apple has uploaded three quick support videos to make the most out of it. Each video covers a specific topic ranging from the touch controls on top of the device to Siri control...

In most reviews that you will find of the Apple HomePod speakers, many of them handily admit that the HomePod trumps the likes of the Amazon Echo and Google Home in terms of sound quality.

First discovered by 9to5Mac, Sonos has tweeted out a custom playlist dedicated to Apple's HomePod.

The first nearly needs no video introduction, since asking Siri to play a favorite song or album is as simple as, well, asking Siri to do that. Tapping the top of the HomePod pauses and plays your music. Apple highlights that you can double tap to skip to the next track, triple tap to go to the previous track, and tap once to play/pause. Once you start rocking out, Siri can adjust the volume based on a general response, like "make it louder", or a request for a specific volume level percent.

The final video outlines how to adjust the speaker's settings using one's phone: going to the Home App on one's iPhone will allow you to change where it's located and what account it's linked to, and you can also turn off explicit songs.