Chloe Kim qualifies for women's halfpipe final while Tweeting in between runs

Monday, 12 Feb, 2018

A 17-year-old snowboarder Chloe Kim still gets butterflies in her stomach before the snowboarder drops into the half-pipe to compete despite the record-breaking performances, three gold medals at the Winter X Games, and all the press coverage.

She will attempt to win her first Olympic gold medal on Monday.

"I wasn't going to do it in the contest", she said. "I think this is the craziest place I've been with all these cameras. It's kind of a insane coincidence". She was the only one among 24 contestants to score more than 90 points in her two qualifying runs - 91.50 in the first and 95.50 in the second.

Apparently she had churros on the eve of her Olympic debut to calm her nerves.

"I just wrote 'Chloe, it's time to be a dragon, '" he said. Both of her parents are from South Korea, and Kim speaks English, French and Korean.

The American snowboarder said on Twitter Sunday that she was pretty nervous. "It is going to come down to who can do something special on the day".

The women's half-pipe will start on Tuesday, and Jong-jin said he will be there along with his family.

But for now, she's just soaking in her first Olympics. "I'm going to go off to college, and I just think having that experience and going through all of it before another big part of my life comes around is going to be really exciting for me".

"When I was home I'd be home for half a day to repack and get on the plane again so it's been a insane journey".

Someone Tweeted back and clarified that she was in the middle of competing.