Instagram new feature to ALERT users when someone takes screenshot

Monday, 12 Feb, 2018

While the overall number of Facebook users in the United Kingdom will reach 32.6 million this year - far more than Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter can claim - the drop among younger users means Facebook's "teen issue" is more than just a theory, said Bill Fisher, an analyst at EMarketer.

Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature that will warn you if someone takes a screenshot of your story. To be clear, creators won't get a specific notification when someone takes a screenshot of their story, it will only show up in their list of story viewers. This will help identify the one who published a story to correctly identify the person who took a screenshot. It has been pointed out by users that putting your phone in airplane mode (thus cutting off all connections) will let you take screenshots without the other user knowing, although it can be troublesome and you might forget.

And users who are participating in the test can see who took a screenshot of their story by going to the list of story viewers and seeing a new camera shutter logo next to anyone who took a screenshot of their photo. Recently, Instagram launched a new feature on its platform known as Instagram Stories.

Also, we have known that some of the Instagram users have been taking screenshots of the Stories posted by others and publishing or sharing it with other so that they can watch it anytime. Anyone could take a screenshot of someone's photo or story without notifying the creator. Now the question is how to do it?

Instagram has now added the functionality to the ephemeral part of its own social network, Stories. However, with the upcoming feature, it will be easier for you to keep a tab on who is secretly saving a screenshot of your the vanishing stories. Now make your stories more attractive. Now the company has chose to launch it worldwide.