Kim Yo Jong Fascinates, And Puzzles, In South Korea

Monday, 12 Feb, 2018

Still, and despite Pence's sanctions pledge, it is highly likely North Korea will continue to ignore U.S. demands for it to halt its nuclear and missile programs. They said Pence could have opted to sit with the U.S. delegation and avoided the box that included the North Koreans.

At a dinner at a hotel in Gangneung, the sub-host city of the Olympics, Kim Yo Jong was "wearing a wine-colored jacket and black trousers", South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported.

South Korea treated the ferry as an exception to maritime sanctions it imposed on the North so it could transport the artists to the South.

Her position is such that, according to a Seoul-based think tank run by North Korean defectors, Kim briefly took charge of the country while her brother was reportedly ill with gout or diabetes in late 2014.

The man dressed as Kim said he thought it was "really unfair" that they were forced to leave the ceremonies.

It wasn't until this week that the world learned Kim Yo Jong would join her nation's Olympic delegation.

Officials traveling with Pence said it would be fair to characterize his failure to interact with the North Koreans as a mutual decision, with neither side making any public overtures.

They capped their final day in South Korea by joining Moon at a Seoul concert given by a visiting North Korean art troupe led by the head of the immensely popular Moranbong band, whose young female members are hand-picked by Kim Jong Un.

Mr Moon is eager to use Kim Yo Jong's presence at the games to restore regular communication with North Korea and eventually pull it into nuclear talks. But Vice President Mike Pence and Kim's sister, Kim Yo Jong were there and sat near one another. Her visit comes one year after the U.S. Treasury Department placed sanctions on Kim for her role in propaganda and "agitation" as part of her family's harsh rule over North Korea, and her government's efforts to develop nuclear weapons. Reviving inter-Korean dialogue is critical for the policies of Moon, who insists that Seoul should be in control in global efforts to deal with the North Korean nuclear issue.

She was promoted past year to the country's Politburo, the senior body of North Korea's communist party, as an alternate member.

She also plays an important role as an informant for her brother, Gause said. Washington can lure Pyongyang to the negotiating table by offering security guarantees such as commitments not to try to push for regime change in North Korea or to unify the Korean Peninsula through military force in return for North Korea ceasing all further missile launches and nuclear tests.

The North Korean delegation's visit to the South Korean Presidential Palace was the first of its kind since 2009 when a high-level delegation visited South Korea to attend the funeral of former President Kim Dae-jung, who held the first inter-Korean summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong IL in 2000. According to the agency, the delegates were invited in person.