Mulvaney denies Trump offered him Kelly's job

Monday, 12 Feb, 2018

Jennie Willoughby, the ex-wife of former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, lashed back at President Donald Trump Sunday, saying Trump has implied she's "a liar" after going public about the alleged domestic abuse she says she endured with Porter during their marriage. On Friday night, The Washington Post first reported another White House aide, David Sorensen, resigned after his ex-wife accused him of abuse, including running over her foot with a auto. His first wife, Colbie Holderness, shared photographic evidence of a black eye she says she endured by his hand during a 2005 holiday with The Intercept.

Rep. Sean Maloney says the country needs to know when the White House learned about the allegations of domestic violence against Porter, and why the former aide was allowed to work without a permanent security clearance.

That's why Maloney says he wants the Porter investigation to include a review of Chief of Staff Kelly.

Other top White House aides similarly supported Trump's handling of the latest controversy to upend his administration. Moore, you may remember, gave a very weak half-denial of numerous claims against him in a disastrous interview with Sean Hannity and ultimately lost the election.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly (R) and White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter (L) walk to Marine One prior to departure from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, August 4, 2017. "And we hope he has a wonderful career", Trump said Friday, adding that the aide had vehemently maintained his innocence.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a frequent Trump critic, said the president's response to the Porter scandal could impact "how we are viewed as Republicans in the next election".

Numerous news reports had said that Kelly offered to quit or was ready to do so Friday, but the chief of staff had denied in a separate NBC interview Friday that he had ever offered his resignation.

Asked by CNN's Jake Tapper about Trump's tweet on Saturday that lives were being "destroyed" by allegations that are sometimes false, Conway said there was "no reason not to believe the women", who gave evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the threat of perjury.

Wallace noted that she understood numerous women "felt picked on", but still continued to question why women working in the White House are not leaving.

Willoughby has confirmed to ABC News she notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation about Porter's alleged abuse while they were conducting a background check on him. I didn't have the presence of mind and the professional capabilities at her age that I see in her every day, ' Conway said.

"Society as a whole doesn't acknowledge the reality of abuse", she wrote.

"The President has shown through words and actions that he doesn't value women". Such long-standing social biases play into victims' reluctance to share their stories. After Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was arrested and charged with assaulting a female reporter, Trump asked, "How do you know the bruises weren't there before?"