Rumor: Pokemon Switch Localization Will Start This Year

Monday, 12 Feb, 2018

It's a simple as this.

Yesterday evening, Pokemon fans discovered a listing for a Spanish localization job based out of London, UK. According to the listing, the Pokemon Company is seeking work for all "editorial facets of video games, and related materials (video game strategy guide, video game web site etc.) in Spanish".

If the rumor turns out to be true, the news would give further indications on the release date of Pokemon Switch, bolstering for the last months of 2018. It's just as likely that the job listing is for Pokeland, which we haven't heard ANY news about in nearly a year, than the untitled Pokemon Switch Game. This has led some to believe that localisation work has begun on the "core RPG Pokémon title" for Nintendo Switch, and that they are hiring more people to help complete work on it for release. Mobile games are a definite possibility, especially with the success of Super Mario Run.

Localization is part of the final steps to delivering any game. The job listing is only for a six month term, which indicates that it's for a specific project, and is scheduled to start between April and June 2018. A late 2018 release date is possible, although there's a chance the game could come out in 2019 instead. Besides, what else does Nintendo have slated for their console this year? What they don't seem to have is rockstars.

On its own, the news about a new Pokemon "being hyped up" may not be the most conclusive evidence that a new game will release this year, but alongside new job listings and a statement from Game Freak that the Switch will see a "main Pokemon RPG", we expect to hear news about the new project sooner rather than later. As stated by Joe Merrick (the siterunner for the popular Pokemon news site Serebii), the company is posting localization jobs all the time.

We've seen other Nintendo titles - such as the Yoshi game coming to Switch - developed in Unreal 4, so it wouldn't be a total surprise to see Pokemon migrate to that engine, too.