Shah Rukh Khan goes underwater to thank his twitter fans

Monday, 12 Feb, 2018

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who currently has 33.3 million followers on Twitter, is now the most-followed Bollywood celebrity on the micro-blogging site.

Standing in the water, he said, "Every time we reach a big milestone, I should do something special for you".

He goes on to film himself underwater while soundbites from his movies over the decades play in the background. "Judge nahi karna, feel karna.Thx", Shah Rukh captioned the video.

Khan keeps posting messages, images and interacts with his fans via Twitter. He holds impromptu #askSRK sessions where people can tweet their questions and he does his best to answer them.

One of the biggest superstars in the world, Shah Rukh Khan is extremely popular among the masses and has a insane fan following. But I normally don't get the time, but today I've got the time.

With his hair gelled back, wearing his coolest sunglasses and with a bow tie around his neck, SRK jumped into the pool to say some of his most popular dialogues from films all these years.

Once he came out of the pool, SRK said, "I hope you heard every word I said it was right from my heart and so overwhelming that I am running out of breath and where are my glasses?"

While the heart-touching video has already garnered over 22k likes, the reply section has been flooded with heart-felt messages from followers.