These Olympic Athletes Are Using Tinder At The Winter Olympics

Monday, 12 Feb, 2018

"All the facilities in the Games area are built so they can withstand strong earthquakes over I assure you there was no issue regarding these facilities", said Sung Baik-you, spokesman for the Pyeongchang organisers.

The evening concluded as every Olympic ceremony does, with the lighting of the flame and a spectacular firework display, involving 20,000 fireworks.

US Vice-President Mike Pence sat stone-faced as the crowd erupted in cheers for the unified Korean team. "Here's to hoping that we could see the pleasant people (of the South) again in Pyeongchang and bring closer the future where we are one again".

They're having a ball if pictures taken of them at the event in Pyeongchang, South Korea, are anything to go by.

"One of the main reasons North Korean athletes don't defect is due to their families back in North Korea", Benjamin Young, a doctoral candidate at George Washington University who has researched sports in North Korea, told ABC News' Mae Joo. Yet when Korea entered, it was a moment to behold. The Pyeongchang hosts cued up Arirang, a poignant, centuries-old Korean folk song that is considered an unofficial national anthem. North Korean women's hockey player Hwang Chung-gum and South Korean bobsleigh pilot Won Yun-jong both clutched the flag pole in a noteworthy display of unity.

While the competition's location just 50 miles (80 kilometers) from the North Korean border has spurred some questions as to whether that government could be to blame, Reuters reported the Russian government has already been proactive denying responsibility for any cyber attacks. About 500 North Koreans, including 22 athletes, have travelled south for the Games, which will wrap up on February 25. "It is important to move forward with the drills as planned", Japanese Prime Minister's Shinzo Abe told Moon in what appeared to be an awkward encounter, the Blue House said.

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are underway in South Korea, and Sweden took home the first gold medal on Saturday. (That is, before they're pushed out of the frame by the hyped up mob of US athletes, who crowd the cameras with tongues out and cell phones up.) The Parade built, of course, to the historic climax: the joint entrance of the North and South Korean delegation, an electric example of the "politics and pageantry" announcers promised from the start. The riverside facility is named after late U.S. Army commander Walton Walker, who's considered a war hero in the South for his battles against the North during the Korean War. Seoul had to seek a special United Nations exemption for Choe to spend three days in South Korea.

Despite favorable coverage in the South Korean media that largely ignored the horrors inflicted on North Koreans by Kim's regime, many ordinary South Koreans were skeptical of the North's motives.

They capped their final day in South Korea by joining Moon at a Seoul concert given by a visiting North Korean art troupe led by the head of the immensely popular Moranbong band, whose young female members are hand-picked by Kim Jong Un. Pence also heard from North Korean defectors.

IoT will be a component of the Winter Olympics, with Visa introducing three NFC-enabled wearable payment devices for athletes and fans.

He attended the Cheonan memorial with Fred Warmbier, the father of student Otto Warmbier, who died a year ago shortly after North Korea sent him home in a coma following 17 months of detention for stealing a propaganda poster.

Some of NBC's opening ceremony larding was the result of wedging commercial breaks into the broadcast longer than planned gaps in the proceedings accommodated.

After Bach's remarks, Moon Jae-in, the president of the Republic of Korea, declared the Games open.

"I think it is different from the last 20 years", Pence said, according to the Post. "But if you want to talk, we'll talk".