United Nations chief urges denuclearization to North Korea

Monday, 12 Feb, 2018

The final was 8-0, though it hardly mattered.

Kim Yo Jong is the first member of her family to set foot in this country since the north and south were divided and her grandfather, Kim Il Sung, founded North Korea.

"North Korea is skilfully driving a wedge between the US, Japan and South Korea".

"Yesterday, the whole witnessed the two Koreas entering the Olympic Stadium as one". He was imprisoned as a young man for working to topple South Korea's military rulers and forced into the elite special forces as punishment. "We know this is more than just a game". And like the ceremony, North and South leaders spent long moments in close proximity.

US Vice-President Mike Pence and South Korean President Moon Jae-in watching short track speed skating together yesterday. The North Koreans have invited Moon to visit Pyongyang in what would be the third inter-Korean summit talks since their 1945 division. But though it was the North Koreans who shouted the loudest in support of this new team, there have been benefits to both countries.

North Korea is under a heavy United Nations sanctions regime which was originally targeted at stopping the proliferation of arms and nuclear and missile technologies, but has become more all-encompassing after its accelerated missile testing. The question now is whether he can persuade the North Koreans, his own people and Washington to back his play.

Sporting diplomacy took place alongside kicking, screaming and flying planks of wood here today as North and South Korean athletes combined in a joint taekwondo demonstration here today. Nobody likes losing, especially me ... They became known as the Strategic Rocket Forces in late 2013. "Coming on first such a big crowd and the first game on Olympic stage". "They were just doing their little chants and flag waves".

"From a regular people's point of view, the athletes are nowhere near the general people", Kim Danbi, 28, who defected from North Korea in 2011, said.

Turns out it wasn't a secret plan for the newly unified Korean women's hockey team to beat Switzerland.

And bring them together this hockey team did.

Unification, too, isn't quite as clear-cut an issue as it might appear on the flag this Korean team is using (a white background with a rendering of an undivided peninsula in blue). It was their first joint march since 2007.

The Koreans got a glimpse last week of how the game might feel in an exhibition against Sweden. Abe said he wanted to affirm trilateral cooperation with South Korea and the United States in dealing with North Korea.

The players have been the subject of intense scrutiny and the team was thrown together only two weeks ago, with limited time to practice.

He has used the Winter Olympics, which opened in the South Korean area of Pyeongchang on Friday, as a springboard for detente with North Korea.

The team was created by adding 12 DPRK players to the existing South Korea's squad of 23 players.

At the height of their Cold War rivalry, sports were often an alternate battlefield between the Koreas.

Moon did not respond directly to the invitation from Jong-un, and urged Pyongyang to actively seek an "absolutely necessary" dialogue with Washington, Moon's spokesman said. Kim Dae-jung went to Pyongyang in 2000 for a summit that earned him the Nobel Peace Prize, although it later emerged his government had paid $500 million for the summit.

The North has suspended its provocations since launching an intercontinental ballistic missile in November.

Washington calls it a campaign of "maximum pressure".