Final Fantasy XV Sales Exceed 7 Million Units Worldwide

Saturday, 24 Feb, 2018

With Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and Royal Edition right around the corner, Dengeki Online took the opportunity to have a chat with director Hajime Tabata and game designers Yoichi Kuroda and Takeshi Terada. However, that plan has now been adjusted, with a fourth episode coming as well.

Final Fantasy 15 has already gotten more after release support than most games get, but Square Enix is keeping the good times rolling with four more DLC episodes. We know the release of these four episodes will likely extend until the end of 2018, but there's a chance that some of the DLC might not be ready until next year.

According to Tabata, we'll be seeing an episode for Ardyn Izunia, the main antagonist of the game, and we might also see an episode about Lady Lunafreya, Noctis's betrothed and childhood friend.

The next episode in the quartet that is expected to be released is Episode Ardyn which was announced past year and stars the main antagonist in the game. While many studios would be happy with a modest level of sales the Japanese-based company often demands absurd numbers - like their target of Final Fantasy XV's 10 million units.

Since Lunafreya was basically AFK the whole game, it would be nice to see the events of Final Fantasy 15 from her perspective.

Sticking with the original plan, the first episode will be about fan favorite Ardyn.

In another interview with Famitsu, Tabata said other content separate from the current Episode options are in consideration.