Here are the betting odds for the 90th Academy Awards

Saturday, 03 Mar, 2018

The 90th Academy Awards will be held this Sunday, and in almost a century of Best Picture wins, genre films have had a hard time making it past the nomination phase. All the pre-Oscar buzz (not to mention the weight of nominations) has suggested that Guillermo del Toro's bizarrely sexual Free Willy remake The Shape of Water will win, while Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (so beloved by David Robertson on this site) is also heavily tipped. However, the first African-American to be nominated for Best Actress/Actor was Dorothy Dandridge for Carmen Jones, and that was not until 1954.

Edwards: I'm going with "Get Out". Best actor is going to be Gary Oldman and best actress is going to be Frances McDormand. Jordan Peele's Get Out was brilliantly original but won't win - it's highly unlikely to purely because it was released so long ago. If she wins, she will be the eighth woman of color to win in the Best Supporting Actress category in the award's 90-year history. All three deserve to win.

In a way, even though female actresses have to pop when they're young and attractive in order to gain relevance there's more range for the characters they play as they get older. This is the category I am least confident about, but I think "Heroin (e)" is a safe pick. All three movies have earned Best Picture nominations.

In return, the contributors get "bragging rights", said Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary.

"Wonder Woman " caption Wonder Woman in the midst of battle source Warner Bros. I would have definitely gotten rid of "The Post".

Now for the two sound categories, to clear up any confusion: Sound Editing is the makeup of the actual sounds you hear, Sound Mixing is how you hear each sound in relationship to all the other sounds. For both of these, I am picking "Dunkirk".

Wilkinson: I agree that "The Florida Project" should have been on that list.

The family clearly pays attention to detail, like Saoirse Ronan's pink cast and bracelets from a scene in "Lady Bird".

Actors are easily the largest branch of the academy and their choice this year appears to be Martin McDonagh's "Three Billboards", which won best ensemble from SAG and best film bestowed at the British film academy awards, the BAFTAs. These movies all skew sort of middle of the road.

But by mid-December a different narrative started taking hold that the film problematically redeems Rockwell's racist character. However, since women aren't demanded the same "tough/weak stereotype" that men are, women are allowed to be more creatively vulnerable and can access a larger range of roles from any age, and not just because they hit 40 and pretend to wrestle with bears. But a lot of these movies are so run of the mill. It was just so stale and non-eventful... "Lou" and "Dear Basketball" are the favorites to win.

For "The Shape of Water" crew, it's been a wild ride this awards season with nominations for several other trophies.

"I think we can expect jokes, we can expect political statements, we can expect any of the women who win to take that opportunity to kind of speak their minds". TV viewers know they'll never see all the series necessary to call the Emmys. Now, the movie industry is in a phase that would have once seemed unimaginable, even to people who have made billions from turning Kevin James into a movie star. The only one which could really challenge this is "This Is Me" from "The Greatest Showman". Because it's been sort of like this decisiveness about the movie in terms of like racism and races particularly with the Sam Rockwell character.

At the heart of this is an existential question: If Netflix films are getting the nod, what actually constitutes a movie these days - and what is just TV? We're not doing the Academy Awards anymore.

"It always struck me as a year where we haven't quite figured out what our narrative is, what our story is, who we are this year", says Stone. And so I understand the criticisms... "You really like me!" Two of the three didn't even get Best Director.

In 2013, one of nominaton for the title of best actress was Kwinana Wallis (for the film "beasts of the Southern wild"), which at that time was 9 years old. Which she has, sort of: the year before she assumed the presidency, Oscar voters were 94% white and 77% male.

What'll it be, Oscar? Similarly, "The Shape of Water", a Cold War-era love story between a mute janitor and an amphibious fish god, doubles as a "timely parable about pushing back against authoritarianism". Cabinet intrigue making Winston Churchill Britain's man for a crisis?

Pass the popcorn. It's your Oscar preview.