AIR 1 Nishita Purohit Shares Preparation Strategies with NEET, AIIMS Aspirants

Tuesday, 06 Mar, 2018

“He who is best prepared can serve his moment of Inspiration” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is a famous quote that fits best for Nishita Purohit, AIR 1 AIIMS MBBS 2017 and AIR 11 NEET 2017. She has successfully established herself as an inspiration to all NEET, AIIMS aspirants.  Nishita believes in stress free studies and mediation to keep herself focused on her goals.

The All India Rank 1 said “I prepared with a point of view of a topper and aimed to be in top 10”. Hence, keeping your mind focused to what you desire is what she advices to all NEET, AIIMS MBBS 2018 aspirants.

AIIMS MBBS and NEET are the most sought after entrance exam for medical aspirants. There are nearly 10-12 Lacs aspirants running in the race to ace NEET or AIIMS entrance exams every year. The success mantra to ace these exams lies in a dedicated preparation for the same. One needs to stay focused and dedicated to successfully top NEET or AIIMS MBBS and shine as an inspiration to others.

Some more tips from the topper herself are curated to provide you with preparation tips from the best to boost your preparation for NEET 2018 and AIIMS and guide you towards path of success.

Proper Coaching is a Must

Only schools cannot help you in cracking NEET or AIIMS MBBS, proper coaching is must”, says Nishita Purohit. Her advice for all aspirants is that they must join a good coaching centre that would weave a path towards success. “I joined Allen Kota coaching classes at Kota” adds Purohit.

Stay Calm and Meditate

Meditation helps you in keeping your mind fresh and as mentioned earlier, Nishita believes in stress-free study. “I used to follow an early meditation schedule and Pranayama” says Nishita. She further adds that “mediation keeps your mind calm to put all your focus on the goal”. Aspirants have to stay calm during the preparation period as panic would do no good and will only lead to stress.

Hard Work is the Key

Effort is important, but knowing where to make one makes all the difference. Hard Work is surely the key to success but smart work does tag along. Nishita says “Be focused on what you want to achieve and work hard for it

She also provides insight into how important it is to work smartly in order to bring out efficient results. Aspirants need to have their time table set and follow an effective study plan to get better learning outcomes.

Keep your Concepts Crystal Clear

Aspirants need to be clear with basics of their subjects to get an in-depth knowledge about them. “You should have your concepts clear to make NEET or AIIMS MBBS a cake walk”, advices Nishita. One needs to focus in class and work hard towards clearing the concepts in order to make rest of the journey easy. Thus, students must be thorough with the syllabus to study and polish their concepts.

Regular Test Will Help you Prepare Better

Testing yourself and your capabilities is one amongst many success mantras to crack NEET or AIIMS MBBS exam. Students have to be regular in taking mock tests, either online or in coaching centres. This will further help them analyse their preparation so far and know their weak as well as strong points. Likewise, Nishita advices to devote more time to Physics as it is comparatively more difficult and time consuming than other sections. Practicing with Mock Tests are your sure shot preparation strategy.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

This quote is quiet famous and fits everyone out there. One needs to constantly practice to achieve what they aspire. “Regular classes, self-study, mock tests and a good dedicated time to practice what seems hard is required to ace the exam” says Nishita. NEET and AIIMS MBBS both are a hard nut to crack. One needs to play smart, set a time table and a schedule to practice accordingly. “Go step by step and keep checking your preparation through mock tests”, she further adds.  

Social Media is Helpful but Also a Great Distraction

No matter how trending social media sites are, they do set an example of being a great distraction. “Even though they prove to be beneficial, they turn out to be distracting students more often than not” says Nishita. She deactivated her Facebook account for nearly 2 years and the results paid off. She says “Facebook is useful but keep your distractions limited and stay focused on your goal”.

Nishita Purohit’s preparation was not a matter of few days or months but every day that she spent on studying with conviction and dedication to be in top 10 rankers of AIIMS MBBS exam. There is nothing but your dedication and hard work that will give you an extra edge over other aspirants.

One thing that Nishita Purohit likes to suggest all the aspirants is “to believe in yourself, work hard and with conviction.”