Irish Earn Top Seed In Postseason NIT

Tuesday, 13 Mar, 2018

Baylor, Notre Dame, Saint Mary's, and USC were the final four teams to be left out of the field for the 2018 NCAA Tournament, which was revealed Sunday.

The Huskies (32-0) are the only undefeated team in the nation and will undoubtedly be the top overall seed.

Notre Dame (20-14, 8-10 ACC), who finished as one of the Selection Committee's first four out, had an outside shot to make the tournament thanks to the return of star forward Bonzie Colson and guard Matt Farrell, who both missed significant time this season.

"I thought that we had played our way into the field given where we were in January and early February". "We deserve to be in the NCAA Tournament". While it prepares for the Bulldogs, UCLA and Arizona State are headed for the NCAA Tournament despite finishing below the Trojans in the Pac-12 standings.

"If all that matters is the quality of your best win or two on your schedule, then we shouldn't even play and just set the field in December after the out-of-conference was complete", he said. "It basically discredited our entire league schedule, and no matter what we or some of the other teams in our league did during the Pac-12 or the conference tournament did not obviously matter".

But for right now, while we can split hairs about it, the decision to leave Notre Dame out of the tournament painfully makes sense. The Irish's last NIT appearance came in 2009, when they reached the semifinals.

As it happens, U.S.C., along with Louisville and Oklahoma State who were also snubbed, is embroiled in the F.B.I. probe into corruption among basketball programs.

"It's kind of a fitting end to how our season went", Brey said. The Gaels posted a 28-5 regular season record and split their season series with Gonzaga.

The Bears lost four of their last five games and looked overmatched in a 13-point loss to West Virginia in the Big 12 Conference tournament quarterfinals.

The Irish will now have to settle for playing in the NIT, where the Irish will likely be one of the top seeds and have the opportunity host a game Tuesday night.

The victor of the Notre Dame - Hampton game will face the victor of No. 4 Penn State vs.

The Final 4 will be held in NY on March 27.

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