Positive hiring climate expected for Windsor area

Tuesday, 13 Mar, 2018

"While the economy is still weighed down by economic uncertainty, environmental factors such as the drought in the Cape and a fluctuating currency - business and consumer confidence seems to have improved, with the consumer confidence index improving from -8 to -9 in the second quarter of 2017 and improving again in the fourth quarter", according to Lyndy van den Barselaar, managing director of ManpowerGroup SA.

"The strength of the employment outlook across the country continues to bode well for gains in household income over the coming year. These factors combined make for a more positive backdrop for employment in the country", she says.

Employers in all four regions in the USA report a positive hiring Outlook for Q2 2018.

The strongest regional labour market in the upcoming quarter is forecast by Taiwanese employers, followed by Japan.

Meanwhile, the hiring scene is looking up in other countries, too.

The Manpower Group Press release states that " Of Over 59,000 employers surveyed across 44 countries and territories, confidence levels have strengthened year-on-year in 25 countries, weakened in 13, and remained the same in five".

Erica Melarangeli of Manpower's Stoney Creek office says the outlook for Hamilton shows an increase of 12 percentage points when compared with the outlook reported during the same time a year ago, indicating an optimistic hiring pace for the upcoming months.

Twenty-three percent of the state's employers interviewed plan to hire workers, and 4 percent expect to reduce their payrolls.

The impact of a softer outlook in the Mining & Construction sector can be seen in Queensland where hiring expectations are down three percentage points year-on-year as the state deals with an end to the frenetic pace of apartment building in Brisbane over recent years. Elsewhere, a steady increase in staffing levels is expected by restaurants and hotels sector employers, with an outlook of +12%, and by employers in two sectors with Outlooks of +11% - the manufacturing sector and the transport, storage and communication sector. The weakest hiring plans are reported in Mining, Government Information and Nondurable Goods Manufacturing.

High demand for labour across the Wholesale & Retail Trade and Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sectors has kept Australia's employment outlook at one of the strongest levels in over six years. The most noteworthy increase of 15 percentage points is reported in the manufacturing sector.

Most new jobs in this quarter would come from small businesses that employ between 10 and 49 people.

Employers in all four regions expect to increase payrolls during the next three months. The Outlook for the East improves by 5 percentage points while hiring prospects are unchanged in the West and remain relatively stable in the North. Based on seasonally adjusted data, employers in Hungary report the most optimistic hiring plans in the EMEA region.

IN employers expect to hire at what ManpowerGroup describes as "a confident pace" in April, May and June, according to survey results released today. When compared to the same period previous year, the outlook remains upbeat despite notable declines in hiring expectations in crucial sectors such as Mining & Construction and Manufacturing.

The strong national result is unchanged when compared to the same period previous year, but declines by three percentage points quarter-on-quarter.