AIFF announces Super Cup qualifiers draw

Wednesday, 14 Mar, 2018

Henna said that the club is already on a very tight budget and as this was a sudden expense which was not in the original scheme of things when the club started playing I-League. "We are likely to take part in the Super Cup".

The club, which finished the league with 35 points from 18 outings, wrote to the All India Football Federation (AIFF) saying they run on a shoestring budget and can not participate in the knockout competition between the I-League and Indian Super League (ISL) teams as it does not mention providing any financial aid to the club for the 21-day-long meet. $70,000) for 2016-17, when they competed in the I-League and the Federation Cup. Bajaj said that the increased subsidy was given with a view to allowing for a bigger marketing push and keeping in mind that this would be a longer league than last time, and run concurrently with the Indian Super League (ISL).

The Super Cup qualifiers will start from March 31 and the final round will go on till April 20. "So I can't understand what he is trying to imply", said Das.

According to ESPN reports, a letter by the owner, which was addressed to AIFF CEO Kushal Das, I-League CEO Sunando Dhar accused goalkeeping coach of East Bengal (A Kolkata Football club), Abdul Siddiqui, of making an improper approach ahead of their match against Chennai City FC on March 2. These contracts can be terminated with mutual consent only.

"Apparently, the draw said initially that we are going to play a qualifier as a champion". Although Super Cup fixtures have been announced there has been no word on prize money. This Super Cup is a new concept.

"They've mentioned that you have to pay for everything, and all the fines will still be applicable".

The AIFF still owes them part of the subsidy money and some other allowances, Henna said.

"The winners of this tournament will not get any slot in the AFC Cup".

The AIFF issued a release on March 7 about Minerva writing another letter to it informing about an approach to their players and officials from other participating teams in the I-League.

But Das made it clear that if Minerva pull out of the Super Cup it will "bring the game and the AIFF into disrepute". "The judicial bodies of the AIFF, that is the Disciplinary Committee and the Ethics Committee will look into these Code of Conduct and Disciplinary rules and take a decision". "Some of the U-16 players from this team will be added to Indian Arrows while some U-19 players from the current (Indian Arrows) side which played in the I-League will be released", said Das.

There was a certain amount of uncertainty surrounding the Super Cup for the majority of the season.