Cherry Blossoms Now Expected to Hit Peak Bloom on March 27

Wednesday, 14 Mar, 2018

The National Park Service is predicting the peak bloom for the cherry blossom trees will be March 27 through March 31.

NPS said it was necessary to push back the peak period because of a combination of how the blooms are progressing and cooler temperatures forecasted this week in D.C.

Peak bloom is defined as the period when at least 70 percent of the almost 3,000 cherry trees along the Tidal Basin are blossoming.

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National Park Service officials detected the trees' buds turning green, the first stage in the blossoming process, on February 25.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival, one of our nation's capital's main tourist attractions, will begin its four-week run on March 17.

The timing of full bloom varies year-to-year based on daylight and temperature consistency, Shores said.

But it would be wise for visitors to hold off until April 1 if they hope to see cherry blossoms at full bloom.

Cherry Blossom Organizer Hannah Moore says it's very easy to navigate for first time users and she recommends anyone attending the festival to download the app.

Those delicate pink flowers will likely reach full bloom in five to 10 days, and will be in near full bloom by this weekend, according to UW arborist Sara Shores.