Google Assistant Routines feature arrives: multiple actions with a single phrase

Wednesday, 14 Mar, 2018

Announced at last year's October 4th event and reconfirmed last month, Google Assistant Routines are finally beginning to roll out. Cody first discovered them in a Google app teardown last September, then they were officially announced in October, but Google was mum about them until last month when it said routines will launch "in the coming weeks in the U.S.". Assuming the feature will be rolling out soon, users can look forward to it in the Google Home app via the "More Settings" section.

Google will be starting with six specific routines according to the company's support page on the topic with "Good morning", "Bedtime", "Leaving home", "I'm home", "Commuting to work", and "Commuting home" being the phrases you'll get to stylize.

With Routines, users can setup multiple actions based on a phrase like, "Good morning". The last two will only be accessible from your phone - you won't be able to trigger them from your Google Home. Long-awaited multi-step routines are just today starting to roll out to users in the USA, as first spotted by Android Police. Routines are unique to each user's individual voice, so multiple members of a household can set up their own routines. For Good Morning, the first available routine, you can take your phone off silent (if you're using Android), adjust the phone volume, fix the lights and thermostats, hear the weather, and check your commute, calendar, and reminders. The latest iteration of the feature is more capable than before, able to control connected and compatible smart home devices (like light bulbs and thermostats) as well as retrieving information. Then you can play music, news, radio, or catch up with a podcast or audiobook.