Pork pies out as GoPros added to inflation shopping basket

Wednesday, 14 Mar, 2018

United Kingdom statisticians are whipping the nation's inflation measure into shape, kicking out pork pies and adding women's exercise leggings in their annual review of the basket used to calculate living costs.

The return of mash comes some 30 years after dried mashed potato was removed from the basket, and reflects the growing role of convenience in the fresh produce aisle.

Meanwhile says the Statisticians, while pork pies are being removed as an individual item, they will still be covered by the wider product of a "meat-based snack", which includes pork pies as well as, for example, sausage rolls, mini Cornish pasties and scotch eggs.

Adult-supervised soft play sessions have also made it into the basket for the first time following their popularity across the UK.

Digital camcorders and TV receivers have left the list as consumers use smart phones instead, with products by Apple, Google and Amazon now included in the list.

Digital camcorders have been dropped owing to the rise of smartphones.Also ditched are peaches and nectarines, leg waxing and ATM charges.

Nightclubs across the United Kingdom have been closing over recent years and the "bottle of lager in a nightclub" now follows nightclub admissions, which dropped out of the basket in 2016. In come moisturising lotion, girls' leggings and high chairs.

The overall basket of goods is meant to accurately reflect every sector in the economy, with certain goods swapped in and out as consumer spending habits change. Out of 714 items in the basket, only 36 are being updated today.

"While we add and remove a number of items each year, the overall change is actually quite small. We also update the weight each item has to ensure the overall inflation numbers reflect shoppers' experiences of inflation", said Philip Gooding of the ONS.