Science teacher feeds puppy to turtle in front of students

Wednesday, 14 Mar, 2018

The investigation continues at Preston Junior High School after a parent reported a biology teacher fed a live puppy to his classroom turtle.

A junior high school science teacher in Preston, Idaho is under police investigation after allegedly feeding a puppy to one of his reptiles in front of students last week.

The grotesque incident took place on school grounds after hours but was not a part of any "school-directed program", according to East Idaho News. "We emphasise that at no time was the safety of students or staff compromised". The sheriff's investigation was triggered by a complaint of animal cruelty, Gee said.

Three former students told reporters that Crosland had conducted in-class feedings in the past, using guinea pigs as offerings for both snakes and snapping turtles.

A 7th grade student told KSTU that Crosland, a longtime educated, typically fed mice or birds to his exotic animals, including snakes, in tanks in the classroom.

"He is a cool teacher who really brought science to life", a former student tells the News.

The school district released a statement explaining that they were attempting to determine the best course of action.

While the district certainly does not condone individual actions that may violate district policy or reasonable expectations of behavior, we hope that any errors in judgement made by a teacher in this instance will not cause us to forget the years of care, effort, and passion the teacher has given to students in Preston School District.

PETA has learned that witnesses, including students, reportedly watched this teacher place a live puppy into a tank with a snapping turtle, who attacked and almost cut the dog in half, as the animal screamed. It is not clear whether the dog was dead or alive at the time.

"The prosecutor said, 'Until he decides, he considers it an open book, '" Fryar said.

"It was not biological specimen, it was a puppy", Jill Parrish said.

The Franklin County Sheriff's department is looking into the incident. "That is violence. That is not okay", Parrish told the station. Another parent said Crosland is the best science teacher the school has.

"If it was a deformed puppy that was going to die anyway ... is very much circle of life", said Annette Salvesen. "Feeding a live animal to a reptile is not humane and it's not okay".