Trump sacks Tillerson over policy disagreements

Wednesday, 14 Mar, 2018

For all of Tillerson's flaws, he served as a check on Trump's more hawkish positions.

When announcing the new appointment, Trump said that he had "chemistry" with Pompeo, whom he praised for his "tremendous energy" and "tremendous intellect". But the decision - and the abrupt way it was executed - represents a dramatic end to a strained relationship. Tillerson learned he had been replaced at the same time as the rest the public, CBS News reported.

The move left some of Trump's staunchest defenders with mixed feelings.

The White House and State Department have had a number of high-profile clashes after Tillerson took the post as America's top diplomat, including a glaring split during a row between Qatar and its Arab Gulf neighbors.

Have they started blaming Russian Federation yet for the Washington staff changes? The President repeatedly and publicly contradicted and humiliated his secretary of state, while Tillerson reportedly called Trump a "moron" and considered resigning months ago.

"The State Department is in chaos", Sen.

Trump said there was no reason to consult him because no matter what the group decided, Tillerson would be against it, the official said. Tillerson never directly denied using that term.

U.S. House intelligence committee Republicans concluded Monday that while the Kremlin definitely tried to interfere in the election and some Trump aides exercised some independent bad judgment on their ties to Russian Federation, there was no collusion or collaboration between Mr. Trump's campaign and Moscow.

The biggest shakeup of Trump's Cabinet since he took office in January 2017 was announced by the president on Twitter as his administration works toward a meeting with the leader of North Korea.

A senior United States official told media on Tuesday, the president wanted a cabinet reshuffle ahead of the North Korean talks. Kelly also told him a tweet might be coming from Mr. Trump regarding his job. "I made that decision by myself". Trump cited disagreements on issues including North Korea, steel and aluminum tariffs and the Iran nuclear deal.

At a time when Trump has repeatedly threatened to rip up or nullify the deal, Rainater lamented how Pompeo's "extreme policy views threaten to gut US diplomatic capacity further by making war the go-to option rather a last resort". "We're always on the same wave length". "I think it's going to go very well", he added.

The appointment of Mike Pompeo as the US Secretary of State and "hardliner" Gina Haspel, who was picked to be his replacement as the head of the CIA, "confirms that the administration is moving to the right; to a more confrontational and a more aggressive foreign policy", Philip Giraldi, a former CIA intelligence officer, told RT.

March 9, 2018 - Trump decides to replace Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo. But make no mistake: Mike Pompeo could be far worse.

But the problem is deeper, said David Schultz, professor of political science at Minnesota's Hamline University.

But over time, many lawmakers grew to appreciate Tillerson as a relatively steady hand in the chaotic Trump administration.