Carcass of odd sea creature washes up on Georgia beach

Tuesday, 20 Mar, 2018

SHOCKING footage showing a Loch Ness Monster-type creature lying on a beach has sparked talks that Nessie has moved stateside.

Jeff Warren said he found the unusual sea creature after going boating at Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge in Golden Isles, Georgia, reports Action News Jax.

Warren told News 4 Jax that at first he thought the carcass was a dead seal when he saw a heron pecking at it. However, on closer inspection, he was shocked to see its resemblance to the legendary monster.

Images show the supposed carcass - which Warren said was being eaten by birds when he arrived - lying in the sand. has reached out to several experts for their opinions on the mysterious sea creature's identity, but is waiting to hear back.

Locals at Skipper's Fish House spoke about the legend of "Alty" - the local equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster who is said to roam the seas in the area.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service gave a different explanation when Action News Jax contacted them for more information about the animal.

With its long neck and small head, the animal has also drawn comparisons to the prehistoric Plesiosaur, an extinct species of large marine reptile.

In any case, just one more thing to keep in mind next time you happen to find yourself wading through the water off the south coast of Georgia.

Last year, another mysterious sea creature was spotted by Preeti Desai, a social media manager at National Audubon Society, after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

Desai posted a picture of the animal onto Twitter along with the caption: " Okay, biology twitter, what the heck is this??"

Upon her query, eel expert Kenneth Tighe, a biologist with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, told Earth Touch News that the creature could be a fangtooth snake-eel or a garden or conger eel.