Guns help Kentucky dominate other states in new rankings | Lexington Herald Leader

Tuesday, 20 Mar, 2018

With recent incidents prompting more debates on the gun industry, how dependent is New York State on the gun industry compared to the rest of the country. The Sunflower State ranks 26th for gun ownership rate, 11th for firearms industry jobs per capita, 1st for gun-control contributions to Congressional members per capita and 6th for total taxes paid by firearms industry per capita.

Kentucky took the top spot in what the study called gun prevalence, which took into account ownership; per capita sales; gun ads; and Google searches for guns. Kentucky ranked eighth in this regard while Tennessee was 26th. At a minimum, a greater proportion of Kentuckians try to buy guns.

Another factor in the dependency rankings focused on the status of gun politics in each state through political contributions and average NRA ratings of state senators.

Blue states are generally at the bottom of the list as most have run-off gun manufacturers and gun manufacturing jobs.

The top five for gun industry dependence are Idaho, Montana, Alaska, South Dakota and Wyoming.