Hygiene conscious gorilla walks like a human

Tuesday, 20 Mar, 2018

Louis, one of two bachelor gorillas at the zoo, thrilled onlookers with his "walk with a purpose" attitude.

Louis also walks on two legs when the ground is muddy because he doesn't like to get his hands dirty, zoo officials said.

Gorillas share DNA with humans, so maybe it's not too surprising that Louis, who grew up in captivity, has started imitating the humans he sees every day.

Sassy male gorilla Louis does not walk, he struts. Not for Louis though - he can often be seen walking bipedally when his hands are full of snacks or when the ground is muddy (so he doesn't get his hands dirty)!Thanks to Zoo docent Sharon for sharing this clip!

Gorillas don't typically bipedal, a term for walking upright on two legs, the zoo posted.

Michael Stern, curator of primates and small mammals at the zoo, told the Associated Press that it's unusual for most gorillas to walk around the way Louis does.

The gorillas would usually only adopt the upright stance for a few seconds to reach for food or wade into swamps in the wild, the Associated Press report.

Instead, he walks across a fire hose staff were forced to install, using it like a tight rope to avoide getting dirty during his crossing.