Capcom release trailer for Street Fighter V's classy new combatant, Falke

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

Capcom has confirmed that Falke, the next DLC fighter for Street Fighter V, will be available from April 24. With the ability to infuse Psycho Power into her staff, Falke keeps opponents at range before swooping in.

Falke is available individually for MSRP $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money OR as part of the Season 3 Character Pass for MSRP $29.99, which unlocks Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat as they become available.

Falke herself fits into the Street Fighter story as someone who was rescued by character Ed, after suffering for years at her tormentors' hands. What we could really talk about for hours, however, is her sleek outfit and haircut.

The key to Falke's power in Street Fighter 5 is her staff, which players must charge up by holding down one of the punch buttons. Psycho Kanonen allows her to lay down and avoid projectiles while shooting off her own Psycho Power attack. As the years went by and the hard training continued, she began to despair, but finally, Ed, who was new in Street Fighter 4, rescued her and helped her get away from Shadaloo. Along with her official gameplay trailer, Capcom also released a blog entry with details about the Psycho Powered fighter. Upon activation, Falke will immediately twirl around hitting the opponent into the air, which she then follows up with a surge of Psycho Power.

With a Psycho Power-charged staff, Falke launches opponents into the air.

Furthermore, she plays very much like in Ed in the sense that she can unleash several of her special moves just by tapping two punch or kick buttons. Down, hard punch, and hard kick, meanwhile, will make Falke jump into the air diagonally and slam her staff down onto her enemy. Psycho Shrot and Kanonen can be cancelled into each other and can leave the opponent prone to a Critical Art.

Falke's V-Skill is called Psycho Trombe and during it she spins her staff in front of her.

In this three-block V-Trigger, Falke increases her ability to utilize her staff in various ways.

The release is available to download as an upgrade for free in the Street Fighter V game.