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Monday, 16 Apr, 2018

GETTYRoyal wedding: Will Pippa Middleton go to Harry and Meghan's wedding?

The book claims Meghan's bi-racial identity and activism are core aspects of her personality that will shake up the royal family and could force them to "up their own game because she's a smart new girl on the block". Prince Harry has just become the president of the Queen's Commonwealth Trust, a special position gifted from grandmother to grandson as announced by the Trust's website.

The article on claims that it's very likely Violet von Westenholz was the matchmaker who set up the blind date between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Meanwhile, details about the wedding itself continue to trickle in: an official photographer has been selected-Alexi Lubomirski, who took their engagement photos as well-and Victoria Beckham has strongly hinted she will, as expected, be in attendance.

In terms of the style she thinks Markle will go for, "I think that she'll wear a very fitted gown that flares away from her mid-thigh, [with] a attractive V neckline, long lace sleeves, buttons from the wrist to the elbow... all lovely couture touches".

Castigliano went on: "I think having a lace dress with handsome beading will create more of an element of a today bride, more modern".

She added that she didn't think it was fair that the former actress had to give everything in order to marry Prince Harry, noting that she'd given up her career, her home country and even her religion in order to be accepted. "I think the pressure to escape from the firm is crushing". "We were both extremely excited".

Morton said Harry and Meghan, who will marry at Windsor Castle on May 19, were a "love story for the ages". During the interview in which they told the world about their engagement, they shared that they immediately made plans to see each other again after that first date.

"After the date, [Meghan] was telling me what a great guy he was", Nelthorpe-Cowne told Daily Mail.

"The word I am getting from the palace is that Harry is absolutely besotted with her", he said.

"In his mind there wouldn't be a wedding without her and that is reason enough to invite them".