Justin Bieber Allegedly Punched a Man for Choking Woman at Coachella Party

Monday, 16 Apr, 2018

Not all heroes wear capes. Justin Bieber defended a woman who was being assaulted by a man at a Coachella party by punching him in the face, TMZ reports.

The alleged altercation took place at a party hosted by Patrick Schwarzenneger on the night of April 14. That's when Bieber and a few friends stepped in, and started screaming at the man to let her go - though the guy only allegedly screamed "Go fuck yourself" in response.

The man, who was thrown out of the party soon after the incident, later chased down and began hitting an SUV while yelling the "Sorry" singer's name, believing him to be inside the vehicle.

The man supposedly shouted obscenities at Bieber, warning that he mind his own business, to which the star retaliated by throwing him against the wall and hitting the man in the face. According to the source, the woman "appeared to be the man's ex-girlfriend". He yelled the singer's name as he started hitting the auto.

TMZ reports that Bieber arrived at the shin-dig with a mate before the came to the woman's rescue.

Justin has been at Coachella for the past couple of days, enjoying himself with friends.

The Palm Beach Police Department was unable to confirm any arrests, and Bieber's rep did not immediately respond to a request for comment.