Kate McKinnon's Laura Ingraham Introduces Her New Sponsors During 'SNL' Weekend Update

Monday, 16 Apr, 2018

In fact, she doubles down with a new list of sponsors after getting dropped by a bulk after her clash with Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg.

It was good to be back, McKinnon-as-Ingraham said, "after that planned vacation" that "was so fun and so planned and so scheduled a long time ago".

On Saturday Night Live this week, Ingraham (portrayed by Kate McKinnon), appeared on Weekend Update where she talked about her "planned" vacation and new sponsors with host Colin Jost. "Food ground to mush for old people".

- Lady Bump Stock: "The lightweight bump stocks for delicate hands".

"How about Malaysian Airlines, caught in a scandal and need an escape?"

- Cream soda: "The soda for whites". Shkreli's Jelly, "Ingraham" said, is "just jelly that's $8,000 a jar".

"The soda for whites", she said "The white one, baby". Jost is skeptical of the products, but McKinnon's Ingraham assures him that these are actual products, and she won't be cowed. "But I will continue to defend the First Amendment". Ingraham took delight in Hogg's rejections from various colleges, and her behavior only came across as bullying. She says she has new sponsors, including such made up companies as Carl's Sr. - which only serves leftovers from Carl's Jr. "That's my right to bully people without being bullied in return".

While she doesn't apologize or express her regret over the controversy, the host does say that she's excited for the new sponsors coming in to support her. By contrast, data from the tracking firm Kantar showed that "The Ingraham Angle" averaged 14 and a half minutes of ads prior to the boycott campaign. Our country's so divided right now, and I'm an important part of that.

You can watch the full bit in the YouTube video below!