PBT Extra Preview: Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Houston Rockets

Monday, 16 Apr, 2018

Harden finished with 14 points in the final frame and countless highlight plays.

While Harden was on fire, the rest of the Rockets struggled from the three-point line. Chris Paul reached the postseason nine previous times in his career. Outside of Clint Capela, there isn't anyone in Houston's regular rotation that would be able to slow down Towns, or even Taj Gibson for that matter.

Wolves-Rockets? A less than one percent chance of finishing with a Minnesota victory, according to Pelton, even though he recognizes the Wolves as "atypically good" for an eight-seed. The Rockets are just 13-8 without him (52-9 with him).

Following the game, Houston head coach Mike D'Antoni pointed out that he expected a tough matchup from Minnesota because they were a high seed before losing Butler for a stretch.

On ESPN's analytical side, Kevin Pelton ranked the eight playoff series by which are most likely to produce an upset. The Rockets averaged 50.1% shooting from the floor in the four games.

The Wolves need to capitalize on the Rockets' lack of outstanding post defenders.

If they were playing the Warriors, who are without Stephen Curry, I would have given them a puncher's chance of winning the series.

While the Wolves may feel a desire to reflect on their accomplishment, the real work begins Sunday night, when they head south to face the team with the best record in the National Basketball Association, the Houston Rockets.

In their four wins over the Wolves, the Rockets shot 43.4 percent from three-point range. That means the Wolves grabbed that percentage of all available defensive rebounds. Over the next two quarters, they outscored the high-powered Rockets, who led the National Basketball Association in point differential, by two points. While his contributions are welcomed by the Wolves, they're not enough.