Sea of Thieves Is Getting That Much-Needed New Content

Monday, 16 Apr, 2018

For that reason, developer Rare posted on the game's official website that the future Sea Of Thieves Updates will focus on adding more raw gameplay, maps, enemies, and many events.

Playing Sea of Thieves feels a bit like working in a theatre before the set has been completely built.

Sea Of Thieves is a great game ruined by a lack of content, and while everyone assumes that more will be added over time Rare has been curiously quiet about the specifics... until now. Together with your crew, you'll need to band together and figure out how to defeat said threat as part of a "unique event".

In winter, a "Cursed Sails" update will bring another new AI threat and a new type of ship that is likely a three-man vessel, alongside new mechanics, features, and rewards.

Other updates like Pets and Ship Captaincy are apparently "on the back burner for now", according to Executive Producer Joe Neate (via Major Nelson), although it's also noted that plans for Sea of Thieves remain "fluid" with community feedback that "grows and evolves" the game treated as priorities. Although the most important thing will be that there's finally some enemies to fight that aren't just skeletons.

Furthermore, they will also be bringing, weekly events which shall bring, new mechanics as well as rewards. Following The Hungering Deep, Sea of Thieves receives two content updates, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores. This will kick off in May with the release of The Hungering Deep, which will introduce a new AI threat to the world for players to go up against.

As promised before launch all of this will be free, although Rare has confirmed that microtransactions will be added at some point for cosmetic items.