Woolworths hit by nationwide technical outage

Monday, 16 Apr, 2018

EARLIER: A NATIONAL technical outage has halted trading at Woolworths stores, causing chaos for shoppers as their trolleys bank up and stores are shut down.

At Double Bay in Sydney's eastern suburbs, a hastily printed-out explanation for the closure said it was "due to system crashed" (sic).

Shoppers began reporting on social media about 4.15pm that they'd been told an IT issue was affecting cash registers.

ALL #woolworths checkouts have stopped working.

Staff at one of the affected stores at Sydney's Town Hall confirmed the outage meant customers were left with no choice but leave without purchases.

Others have been told to leave the stores.

Sky News has reported that customers were told to leave and come back in an hour.

A national technical outage brought sales to a standstill at the busy Mackay city store this afternoon.

"We apologise for the inconvenience this caused our customers", the spokesperson said.

A Daily Mercury reporter at the scene said services had just been restored and customers were once again flowing through the registers.