Apple Seeds iOS 11.4 Beta 2 to Registered Developers

Tuesday, 17 Apr, 2018

Apple's upcoming major update for this year for the smart devices is iOS 12.

Other changes we saw in the first beta of iOS 11.4 include the return of Messages in iCloud, the first iteration of the ClassKit framework for developers, and more. Before the end of this year, the giant will introduce their latest edition, iOS 12 in the market. No doubt we'll get more hints and reveals from Apple between now and September, so check back here for updates. It is also been speculated that the company might take a new approach manifest with the launch of iOS 12. So it makes sense that Animoji will get some new features in iOS 12 as support for this will likely be expanded to newer products.

Looking ahead to iOS 12, rumor has it that there won't be a bevy of major features to look forward to. Messages on iCloud continues Apple's commitment to making their ecosystem even more connected - allowing people to receive and respond to texts no matter what Apple device they're using. Apart from this, the list of expected features are very big and for that, you have to keep an eye on the points listed below. Apple's older iOS 10 has a base of 28 per cent of the current devices. The new iOS version will bring system stability by solving performance issues, battery improvements and much more. The new wallpaper, which first launched with the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 8 last week, is still limited to those models, leaving owners of other models like the iPhone X out in the cold. Continuity is one of the key features of iOS and macOS, which allows users to take calls, access web pages seamlessly across their iPhone and MacBook. Read on to get right up to speed with everything we know so far.

The new Always-On Display lets users see the notifications, battery percentage, clock and much more without switching the phone on. YouTube, Twitter etc have announced their Dark Mode option for the users around.

It looks like there will renewed focus on Animoji in iOS 12 with newer characters.

This new Dark Mode theme option would come as built-in feature and users will be able to switch to this Dark Mode by exploring the Settings menu from the device. But features which are not ready or less polished will be pushed to the iOS 13 upgrade in all likelihood.

Enhanced Parental Controls with time-based parameters with a higher level of granularity at an app level would be a great start.

According to the Bloomberg report, iOS 12 will explore the idea of universal apps, something which Windows 10 has also tried to do.

Apple Seeds iOS 11.4 Beta 2 to Registered Developers

Ill start by saying that nothing is known about iOS 12 at the moment and everything that follows is the path that we would like to see traveled. But in future with the new iOS 12, your wish is going to be fulfilled. One possibility is that Apple will finally uncouple iOS updates from the updates to its individual apps.

Long overdue and while Control Center has provided a subset of this functionality, Music playback, for example, you only have to look at any Android phone to see what advantages that this offers.

Having accepted that the Notifications screen now looks like the Lock screen (still not 100% sold with that one), Wednesday like to see additional options to group Notifications by an app in addition to time and day. Thats the ability to see if you have received a message or notification without even having to touch your phone. Yes, you will be able to customise the things and apps to show up on the notifications.

With Apples once legendary ease of use philosophy we would like to see specific relevant settings removed from the Settings app to be quickly and easily accessible within the apps themselves. This lets users access and customise the features as per their basic needs.

Providing developers with an API so they can add their Controls would be the icing on the cake.

Apple has been constantly upgrading their personal voice assistant, i.e. Siri. All in all, you should expect further refinements and improvements rather than something new and revolutionary.

Here we'll give you a complete rundown of everything rumoured (and confirmed) to be coming with iOS 12: the new features you'll be able to use, when the update is likely to arrive, and more. So expect iOS 12 to be released to the public circa Tuesday 18 September 2018.

But in typical Apple fashion, iOS has been refined continuously over the years, with Apple engineers working hard to transform iOS into the powerhouse of an OS that it is today.